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Our legal team has outstanding qualification to defend all types of criminal cases in the Prescott area. With over 80 years of combined experience in the criminal justice system, our legal team proceeds with confidence when defending our clients in court. There is no substitute for experience. Many attorneys have the education but fail do not have the talent needed to present a compelling case to a jury.

The legal team at our firm is composed of an outstanding group of criminal defense attorneys that take on cases with dedication and a broad understanding of all aspects of the justice system and how to operate for the benefit of our clients. Learn more about them by clicking on the links below:

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Our legal team has extensive experience in addressing all types of criminal accusations, from a misdemeanor charge through to the most serious felony offenses. Each case is given the full attention and focus that is necessary to defend a case. A thorough review and analysis of the evidence measured against current law is immediately initiated to identify any errors or violations of police procedure. We frequently discover violations of our client’s rights that can be exploited in the case. When evidence has been obtained without due attention to the rights provided under law, we aggressively challenge the use of such evidence, which can result in a dismissed charge.

We intent to win the case for our client, and seek out any defense option that can lead to a favorable outcome. Cases that may appear hopeless have later been determined to have strong possibilities for the defense. Your first action must be contact the firm immediately after your arrest, and prior to any interview or discussion with police or investigators. Whether the charges are filed in state or federal court, we will carefully construct a defense and will relentless fight for your freedom and future.

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We practice law the old fashioned way; by putting the client first. Our attorneys and support staff understand the importance of staying in frequent communication with our clients, and we are always willing to provide up-to-the-minute information on the status of our clients’ legal matters. We pride ourselves on offering personal service. We are small enough that you are a person to us, not just a case or file number.