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Criminal Defense FAQ

Should I plead guilty to a DUI?

Many individuals plead guilty to a DUI offense, simply because they are unaware that it may be possible to seek a “not guilty” verdict. There are frequently errors in the testing administered at the scene or other flaw in the case that can lead to having the charges against you dismissed. Don’t proceed into court for any hearing without first contacting a Prescott criminal defense attorney from Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. to review your case.

How do I choose an attorney?

When facing criminal accusations, who you select can significantly affect the outcome of your case. Our legal team has over 20 of experience in the criminal justice system and there is no substitute for the knowledge and resources we have amassed over our year in practice. Negotiating skill and familiarity with the personnel of the courts in the Prescott area can assist in your case when necessary.

What if I am innocent?

Being innocent is not enough – if you have been arrested, the prosecutor believes that there is enough evidence to convict you. Whether the case is mistaken identity, self-defense or false accusations from another individual, it is vital that you have legal representation that is skilled in exposing the truth so that you don’t face the penalty when not guilty of the crime.

I am under investigation for a criminal offense. How should I respond?

Never answer any questions from federal or state investigators without first contacting the legal team at our firm. An attorney will assist you in the interview process, carefully protecting your rights. If you are under investigation, it is very likely that you will be arrested within a short period of time, and any interview has the purpose of getting more evidence with which to convict you. We will act quickly to protect you and with immediate action taken, could lead to avoiding being charged with the crime.

What can Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. help me with?

Our legal team assists clients facing criminal charges of all types, including the following:

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