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Probation Violations and Probation Revocation

If you have a concern that your probation may be revoked, get the help of a Prescott criminal defense attorney right away. Following all of the rules of probation can be difficult. There are a lot of conditions to meet and the legal team at our firm understands that mistakes can happen. Our firm has successfully avoided revocation of probation or arranged for probation to be reinstated for numerous clients throughout the state. Take immediate action and call our firm for assistance.

Probation Violation Lawyer in Prescott

When a defendant enters a plea of guilty, or is convicted of a crime and is sentenced to serve a certain period in jail, under certain circumstances the judge may suspend the jail sentence and allow probation. A defendant may be eligible for probation if convicted of a first offense. To successfully complete the probation, the defendant must meet certain requirements such as paying restitution, keeping all appointments with his or her probation officer, community service, regular drug testing, committing no additional offense, and more. There may be times when it becomes difficult for a defendant to meet all the conditions.

If a defendant fails to comply with a requirement, the department of probation can file a petition with the court to revoke probation. The court will schedule a hearing on the matter. If the judge decides to revoke probation, the defendant must serve the original jail sentence in full. An experienced probation violation lawyer will advise the defendant to do everything possible to fully comply with all probation requirements prior to the hearing. With this evidence of good intentions on the defendant’s part, our firm may be able to present a reasonable explanation to the court which results in the judge deciding to reinstate probation or the prosecutor agreeing that justice would be best served by allowing the defendant to continue with probation. Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. has the expertise you need. Meet with a criminal defense lawyer who will do everything possible to preserve your probationary status.

Contact a Prescott Probation Violation Attorney with our firm who will draw upon decades of experience to defend you from a charge of violating probation.

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