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Charged with Prescription Fraud in Prescott?

The increase in the illegal use of prescription drugs has grown exponentially in recent years, and lawmakers have responded with increased penalties. Special police task forces have been created that are committed to identifying those who are engaged in prescription fraud and the illegal prescription drug trade. These cases can be related to the illegal use of a doctor’s name, prescription pad, or even a physician or other medical professional that has come under fire for illegally prescribing controlled substances. Any such charge is a reason for concern; if convicted you could expect to receive prison time as well as expensive fines and spending your life as a convicted felon. In cases of medical professionals that are convicted of illegally prescribing dangerous medications, the loss of license and inability to practice medicine could be an expected outcome in a conviction.

Prescription Fraud Defense in Prescott: Experienced Defense

At Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC., our legal team takes pride in our impressive record of success in defending clients facing drug crime charges. Whether the case is related to a medical professional or other person accused of this crime, our legal team can provide you with the experienced representation needed when seeking a better outcome of your case. Every case has flaws; identifying these flaws early in the game is important for the defense of the case. It is possible that your rights were violated in the search process or that other errors in police procedure could lead to challenging the evidence against you. Every case is thoroughly evaluated to determine the best course of action for the defense.

Should the case go to trial, it is vital that you have the support of an attorney from our firm who can present a compelling case to the jury, and presenting evidence on your behalf to expand the reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the crime in question. Fast action in retaining legal counsel is urgent in such cases, and our legal team is prepared to analyze the evidence and advise you of our strategy for your defense.

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