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It isn’t unusual for an individual to feel intimidated on discovering that he or she is being investigated or is being arrested for federal crimes. Having the weight of the U.S. government against you in a legal matter is reason for concern. With almost unlimited resources, federal authorities relentlessly seek a conviction in any criminal case. In these circumstances, need to turn to an experienced Prescott criminal defense attorney to equalize matters. Our firm has a long record of success in representing defendants facing charges throughout our state.

Federal Crimes Lawyer in Prescott

A federal crime is an offense which has been made illegal by U.S. federal legislation and the defendant is prosecuted in a federal court. Mounting a defense in a federal court is much different from facing a local prosecutor. The rules of procedure in a federal court are different and federal crimes carry more severe penalties than other areas of the law. Generally federal charges are filed where crimes;

  • Are committed on federal property, such as an Indian reservation, national park, or military base
  • Cross state lines or the border such as drug importation and immigration violations
  • Involve a federal agency such as the SEC or the Treasury Dept
  • Involve use of the internet
  • Involve financial institutions such as banks
  • Acts of terrorism

U.S. prosecutors may work for long periods, sometimes years investigating, gathering evidence and building a case before an arrest is made. This makes it vital to bring a skillful federal crime attorney into the case as early as possible. There are a number of advantages to having experienced representation before an arrest occurs. The legal team at our firm can advise you based on decades of experience. Your attorney knows how to communicate with a prosecutor to put you in a more favorable position. Being accused or charged does not necessarily result in a conviction. While federal law does not lend itself to plea bargains, under some circumstances it is still possible for our firm to work out favorable agreements. Call Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. for assistance if you have been charged or feel you may be charged with a federal crime. The initial consultation is free.

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