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Have You Been Arrested For Selling Drugs in Prescott?

Drug crimes are considered one of the biggest problems in the United States, especially in Arizona. If you have been arrested for selling drugs you might be considered a contributor to the problem and you could face an unsympathetic court system. If you have been charged with drug sales it is vital that you contact a Prescott criminal defense lawyer who can aggressively defend you and your rights against a drug sales charge. Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. has experienced criminal defense attorneys who have successfully represented individuals who have been charged with the drug sales.

What is a Drug Sales Charge?

All drug crimes are state and federal offenses but the selling of drugs is a particularly serious crime with very stiff penalties. Where a drug sale took place, the quantity of drugs in the sale as well as the type of drugs, can affect the scope of the charges against the drug seller. For instance, the penalties could increase in a felony degree category if a drug sale was made near a university, public housing facility, church, or public park. A mandatory prison sentence could be the consequence of a sale which occurred within a specific distance from a school or child care facility.

An experienced criminal defense attorney from our firm knows the law regarding drug charges. It is critical to retain the assistance of a defense lawyer with experience in challenging government evidence presented in drug sales cases. It is important to establish whether your arrest was constitutional and whether a search and seizure was conducted properly. You need a defense lawyer who will fight for you and will insist that you receive fair treatment, and who will seek the best possible outcome in your criminal drug charge matter. Contact us immediately to receive a free consultation with one of our lawyers.

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