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A person who is involved in drug trafficking can be arrested and charged with a drug crime. The selling of drugs or drug trafficking is a serious criminal offense. If you have been charged with drug trafficking, it is important that you seek legal advice from a Prescott criminal defense lawyer who can fight to protect your legal rights during all phases of your criminal drug trafficking charge. Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. has successfully represented countless individuals who have been arrested and charged with trafficking controlled substances, whether marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin or prescription drugs.

About Drug Trafficking Charges

The trafficking of drugs is a very serious drug crime and violates the law at the state and federal levels. State lawmakers and police are clamping down on drug offenders even more than in the past and have increased penalties for offenders. A person arrested and charged with drug trafficking could be faced with extremely harsh penalties including time spent in state prison. The government has the right to confiscate a person’s assets, business, personal property and real estate. A non-resident might be deported due to violation of immigration laws. Penalties can be increased if there were any prior convictions. Factors which might influence the outcome of a drug trafficking case could include such things as committing the offense within a prohibited distance from a playground or school, public park, religious facility, or housing project.

Law enforcement has the job of arresting and charging anyone who is engaged in drug trafficking. You need to have the support of a criminal defense attorney from our firm who will review the evidence from the arrest and determine if there was any violation of your rights. A criminal defense lawyer can challenge any government evidence that a prosecutor has brought against you. You need to have a defense lawyers who can effectively and vigorously defend you from a drug trafficking charge, defend your legal rights and demand a favorable result for you. It is important that you contact us immediately to discuss your case with one of our experienced defense attorneys.

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